1. Listening & Asking The Right Questions of Our Clients

Every project starts with a vision and a goal. We listen carefully to our client’s requirements, hopes and expectations. Creating an open dialogue between Architects, Construction Managers, Property Managers and Board Members allows for the creation of fluid planning and sets the bar of communication high at the start.We encourage discussion about project management, deadlines, progress markers and client interaction.

2. Community Assessment

HOA Board Members & Community Managers ask us to evaluate the physical condition of their community for a variety of reasons ranging from the failure of a specific building component to a broader evaluation of the performance and integrity of the entire building envelope and facade.

3. Project Review

After a comprehensive review of your community’s construction design with our in-house team of experts, we talk about realistic day-to-day work details. Our team’s experience in project management allows us to quickly identify potential problems, and to clarify project objectives and details. Brainstorming with our team of industry experts results in execution choices on how to cut costs and streamline workflow. We define opportunities and consider creative and efficient solutions to potential project challenges.

4. Budgets & Timelines

BTC utilizes current technology for project management tools as well as the hands-on experience of our seasoned project managers to properly estimate all aspects of your renovation project. Timelines, budgeting, contractor scheduling, industry specific challenges, material and labor availability and many other variables are carefully reviewed to ensure we actively manage the critical decisions required at each phase of the project.

5. Project Management & Reporting

BTC takes careful preparation in providing reports that keep all parties informed, involved and on-task. Cost and Completion Reviews occur at specified project benchmarks to ensure your budget is respected and our completion schedule is met. With the assignment of a dedicated full-time Superintendent onsite, we ensure that the project is being overseen by a watchful eye.

6. Full Circle Communication

Keeping everyone in the loop is essential in order to run a smooth renovation project. BTC takes careful consideration is making sure Property Managers, Board Members and Residents alike are aware of upcoming common area projects. We post multiple notifications of pending construction within the community so everyone is prepared. A member of the BTC team can attend Board Meetings upon request to provide updates or answer any questions the Board of Directors may have.

7. Your Feedback Matters

Your opinions about our work process help us improve where needed and reconfirm what works for our clients. We engage our clients in a project completion run down and ask you to reengage after the project is completed to discuss the long term success of our work with you.

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